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Thread using extending Thread class

Extending the Thread Class The thread class can be extended to create the thread. A typical procedure for doing this is as follows 1.       A class extending the Thread class overrides the run() method from the Thread class to define the code executed by the thread. 2.       This subclass may call a Thread constructor explicitly in its constructors to initialize the thread, using the super() call. 3.       The start() method inherited from the Thread class is invoked on the object of the class to make the thread eligible for running. c lass  A  extends   Thread {      public   void   run (){          say () ;      }      public   void   say (){          for ( int  i = 0 ;i < 10 ;i ++ ){              try { Thread . sleep ( 500 ) ; } catch ( Exception  e ){}              System .out. println ( "Hello " + i + " times" ) ;          }      } } class  B  extends   Thread {      public   void   run (){          say () ;      }      public   void

Thread Creation using Runnable interface

In java programming there are something predefined which is used to create a thread. The thread in java represent by the Object of your class which has the Thread property. So when you create a thread you have to just put some extended properties in your class due to which the behavior of Object of your class is like the thread. There are two ways to create a thread. First is , Implements Runnable interface in to your class, and defined run method declared by it Second is Extends Thread class in to your class and override the run method. Runnable interface Runnable interface comes from java.lang package. Runnable interface has only one method declaired as follow public interface Runnable {      public void run(); } So to make a thread using the Runnable interface you have to define the run method. The run method is necessary to be thread of a normal class. A thread, which is created based on an object that implements the Runnable interface, will execute t