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E-Commerce solutions availalbe

Today, we see many eCommerce platforms already up and running. If I try to categories them based on their development cost, here we see the following cases:   Enterprise eCommerce platform like hybris, Oracle ATG Web Commerce, IBM Websphere Commerce, etc.   These platforms are massive and require many resources and budget to keep them running. These are proprietary solutions built by well-reputed companies to provide services related to eCommerce business from Front-end functionality to back-office automation.   SAAS based platform like Shopify, Wix etc  In Sass based platform, you need to pay them monthly subscription fee or commissions from your earnings, but you don't have the much flexibility to customise anything there. You can to use whatever available there and being used by others as well. But you can start a business within a few minutes, and they would take care of all online transactions related.    online market place like,, etc. These ar

Handling multi-line String in java 14 Using text block

Finally, Java has introduced the feature many developers like me looking for. Handling the string which has multiple lines in it, we had to use concatenation approach to store it in a String object. It was hard to handle HTML output from java program or Servlet sometime.  For example, here was the approach to handle multiple lines of HTML output earlier. String output = "<html>\n" + " <body>\n" + " <h1>Welcome</h1>\n" + " <p>This is welcome Page</p>\n" + " </body>\n" + "</html>\n"; Now, we can handle it without concatination of multiple strings. String output = """ <html> <body> <h1>Welcome</h1> <p>This is welcome Page</p> </body> </html> """;