SVN problem while committing or updating the directory

You may see following error when you are committing or updating directory,

Working copy 'E:\work\myproject locked
Please execute the 'Cleanup' command.

According to the above error message, you should execute Cleanup command from svn-client like TortoiseSVN.

But when you are performing cleanup, you may get another problem as shown below.

Cleanup failed to process the following paths:
''E:\work\myproject\build' is not a working copy directory

According to above error message, you should follow the following steps :
  • delete the build folder
  • update the folder myproject by executing the svn-command update
  • then commit the changes by executing the commit svn-command

If this problem is due to conflicting changes between local and server contents and you have resolve the problem manually, use resolved svn-command for confirmation.

There may be other issues and solution for svn, please let me know if you have.

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